Digtal marketing

A work field that has taken the business and the professional world by storm in the recent years is Digital Marketing. Suddenly, everyone around you is talking about digital marketing courses. The winds of change in the marketing world have begun to roar and as a young student, it is completely logical to have your share of questions about this work field.

With the emerging popularity of social media in India and the wonderful success of e-commerce websites, the country has seen a revolutionary transformation. A work arena that has taken even the experts by surprise with its exponential growth, it is quite obvious that the young graduates and undergraduates would be curious to know what this storm is all about.

Let us take a look at the frequently asked questions by students about a career in Digital Marketing.

  1. What exactly are the fields of work that Digital Marketing would cover?

Digital Marketing is often an umbrella term used to envelop a variety of techniques and methods to market your product or brand or company on the online platforms. It also includes marketing on the social media platforms. It includes an array of activities such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, content creation, e-mail direct marketing, etc.

  1. How much salary can I expect in this field of work?

Given the increasing gap between demand and supply of Digital Marketing professionals, a Digital Marketer commands a much higher average salary compared to other industries. A graduate with no work experience can expect a monthly salary of Rs 15,000-20000, while senior executives and heads can bag highly rewarding pay-packages. Honestly, the sky is the limit if you know your subject well.

  1. Is Digital marketing a career option for people not from the humanities background?

Educational background is not a constraint to be successful in Digital Marketing. It is a new work field and it will take a couple of years to reach standardization. Thus, any student aspiring to become a Digital Marketer can have a successful career. However, the educational background does play a certain role in deciding salaries and roles.

  1. What is the scope for Digital Marketing in India?

E-commerce websites in India are growing at a wild rate of 51% annually. India has been declared as the second largest nation in the world in terms of Smartphone users. The growth has been massive, but it is just the beginning. This field of work is constantly evolving and growing in the country, and the demand for online marketers is going to only rise.

  1. Where can you study Digital Marketing? Is online coaching preferred over classroom study?

Digital Marketing can be learned both online and offline (in the classroom). While online coaching allows you access to the best faculty available in the country. Classroom coaching is better if you are looking for an interactive and query solving study experience. Both the options are available, so it is entirely the particular student’s personal choice.

  1. I am a housewife, with 2 kids. Is it possible to have a successful career in Digital marketing?

Digital Marketing has been ranked 8th as a career that helps maintain work- home balance. While full-time job holders usually face problems about striking a balance between professional and personal life, this is one work field which assures that the working professionals don’t have to overstretch.

  1. I am a BMS graduate, how is Digital Marketing going to be helpful to me in my field?

Given the increasing penetration of social media and ever-growing expenditure in digital media, every company is increasing its investment in this medium. Accordingly, there’s a growing demand for skilled digital marketing professionals. That’s why it’s one of the best times to be part of the digital marketing industry.

To sum it up, Digital Marketing is one of the most dynamic work fields, with a massive scope for further growth in a developing country like India. It is easily going to be one of the biggest work industries in the years to come! College students and freshers have a great opportunity to work and explore this work field further.